温泉|鶴の恩返し よみがえりの宿 鶴霊泉

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Welcome to Kakureisen

Kakureisen is a historical ryokan (Japanese-style inn) in Furuyu Onsen in Saga Prefecture that is famous for giving people beautiful skin. Please enjoy to your heart’s content kaiseki ryori (course meal) made with locally produced fresh ingredients, our wonderful garden and a hot spring that has a style which is rare in Japan.

Basic Information

Inn Name Tsuru-no Ongaeshi Yomigaeri-no Yado: Kakureisen
Address 875 Furuyu, Fuji-cho, Saga-shi, Saga
TEL / FAX +81 952-58-2021 / +81 952-58-2867
Check-in / Check-out From 15:00 / Until 10:00

Savor a Historical Hot Spring

Furuyu Onsen has a history of more than 2,000 years. The feel of the hot water that seems to permeate your skin truly makes this a hot spring worthy of being called a “hot spring of beautiful people.” Please enjoy a relaxing and luxurious time in this exquisite hot water.

Famous Natural Sand Bath

This is a rare hot spring with hot water that gushes up from bedrock under the sand laid down in the bathtub.

Garden Bath Reservable for Private Bathing

This is a bath reservable for private bathing that allows you to have a view all to yourself of a garden overflowing with Japanese beauty.

Hot Spring Overview

Hot Spring Water Quality Alkaline simple ion
Effects Chronic rheumatism, nerve pain, neuritis, bone and joint motor dysfunction, treatment after suffering an external wound, and recovery from exhaustion

Savor Delicious Gourmet Food

No one gets tired of our food that contains many local products. This is because it looks great in addition to tasting wonderful. Please make sure to taste the essence of the beauty in Japanese food.

Taste Handed Down the Generations in Kakureisen: Koi Carp Arai

Freshly prepared fish that has been washed using stream or ice water is called arai. We extract the deliciousness found in this fish by parboiling it in our hot spring source and then washing it in cold water.

Rest in Our Comfortable Inn

Please enjoy moments that will relax your very soul in our refined and historical inn.

Garden Where the Four Seasons of Japan Are Prominent

You can see a 130-year-old cherry tree, hear the croaking of kajika frogs and catch sight of fireflies in our garden that was made by the owner of this inn in the generation before last.
This is a wonderful garden where you can experience the charms of Japan in the four seasons.


You can enjoy a relaxing dinner while looking out at our magically lit up Japanese garden and breakfast while listening to the soothing sounds coming out of the serene landscape.

Refined Inn

Guest Rooms with a Fusion of
Traditional Beauty and Modernity

Garden Side Premium Rooms

These are rooms that beautifully harmonizes Japan and the West.
We only have three of these rooms in our inn. You can take in the garden, babbling of the stream and the lush landscape from the window. There are three types of base color in each room: black, white and red.
We recommend these rooms for those who wish to experience a luxurious feeling and for couples.

Annex Premium Suites

These are rooms finished stylishly in the underlying tones of red, black and white. You can feel the great nature from the observation bath that faces the mountain and river.

Annex Noble Visitor’s Room

This is a room built when the Takamadonomiya Family from the imperial household visited our inn about 25 years ago.
We added an observation bath reservable for private bathing in August 2016 while maintaining the vestiges of that time.
This is the only room in our inn where you get a complete view of the garden, river and mountain.

Various Types of Guest Room

We have various types of other guest room.
These include rooms where you experience a Japanese ryokan (inn) and rooms that can accommodate a large number of people.


Haneda Airport

  • Haneda Airport
  • 1 hour and 50 minutest
  • Saga Airportt
  • 45 minutes by bust
  • Saga Station Bus Terminalt
  • 50 minutes by bust
  • Furuyu Onsent

Fukuoka Airport

  • Fukuoka Airport
  • 1 hour by bus
  • Saga Station Bus Terminal
  • 50 minutes by bus
  • Furuyu Onsen